trans|fer1 W2 [trænsˈfə: US -ˈfə:r] v past tense and past participle transferred present participle transferring
1¦(move to different place etc)¦
2¦(put something in different place)¦
3¦(sports person)¦
5 transfer your affections/loyalty/allegiance etc
7 transfer power/responsibility/control (to somebody)
[Date: 1300-1400; : Latin; Origin: transferre, from ferre 'to carry']
to move from one place, school, job etc to another, or to make someone do this, especially within the same organization
transfer (from sth) to sth
Swod transferred from MI6 to the Security Service.
transfer sb (from sth) to sth
They're transferring him to a special unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
You'll be transferred to the Birmingham office.
to move from one place to another, or to move something from one place to another
transfer (from sth) to sth
The exhibition transfers to York City Art Gallery on 23rd January.
transfer sth (from sth) to sth
Transfer the meat to warm plates.
to sell a sports player to another team
He was tranferred for a fee of £8 million.
4.) ¦(MONEY)¦ [T]
to move money from one account or institution to another
transfer sth (from sth) to sth
I'd like to transfer $500 to my checking account.
5.) transfer your affections/loyalty/allegiance etc
to change from loving or supporting one person to loving or supporting a different one
6.) ¦(SKILL/IDEA/QUALITY)¦ [I and T]
if a skill, idea, or quality transfers from one situation to another, or if you transfer it, it can be used in the new situation
Ideas that work well in one school often don't transfer well to another.
7.) transfer power/responsibility/control (to sb)
to officially give power etc to another person or organization
The ageing president is preparing to transfer power to his son.
8.) ¦(PHONE)¦ [T]
to connect the call of someone who has telephoned you to someone else's telephone so that that person can speak to them
Hold on one moment while I transfer your call.
9.) ¦(PROPERTY)¦ [T]
law to officially give property or land to someone else
10.)¦(TRAVEL)¦ [I and T]
to change from one bus, plane etc to another while you are travelling, or arrange for someone to do this
You will be met on arrival at the airport and transferred to your hotel.
to copy recorded information, music etc from one system to another
Transfer the files onto floppy disk.
12.) ¦(DISEASE)¦ [T]
if a disease is transferred from one person or animal to another, the second person or animal begins to have the disease
transfer sth (from sb/sth) to sb/sth
It is unlikely that the disease will be transferred from animals to humans.
>transferable adj
transferable skills
>transferability [trænsˌfə:rəˈbılıti] n [U]
transfer 2
trans|fer2 W2 [ˈtrænsfə: US -fə:r] n
a) [U and C]
the process by which someone or something moves or is moved from one place, job etc to another
transfer of
the transfer of assets within a group of companies
transfer to
Penny's applied for a transfer to head office.
electronic data transfer
someone or something that has been moved in this way
2.) transfer of power
a process by which the control of a country is taken from one person or group and given to another
the transfer of power to a civilian government
the act of changing from one bus, aircraft etc to another while travelling
Getting there often means a couple of transfers on a bus line.
4.) especially BrE a drawing, pattern etc that can be stuck or printed onto a surface
American Equivalent: decal
5.) especially AmE a ticket that allows a passenger to change from one bus, train etc to another without paying more money

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